WASHINGTON (RNS) Chelsea Clinton is wearing a new professional hat, one that will take her into a religious direction.

chelsea clinton

Chelsea Clinton speaks during the National Day of Service, Inaugural Weekend 2013. Photo courtesy Avelino Maestas via Flickr (http://flic.kr/p/dMMPYe)

The former first daughter is now the co-founder and co-chairwoman of New York University’s Of Many Institute, a program for “multifaith” education. Its website says the institute “supports a new generation of religious and civic leaders who, deeply rooted in their own religious and spiritual traditions, reach across faith boundaries to solve social problems together.”

Clinton’s new job was reported first by the New York Post. There was no press release or big announcement, the newspaper reported — just her bio downloaded onto the program’s website.

Clinton is Christian and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, is Jewish. She told Time magazine last year that she was interested in helping to create, support and sustain multifaith leadership.

“I find that really fascinating and fantastic … it’s something that’s quite close to home,” Clinton said in September. “It’s something that I personally care a lot about and I’m committed to helping people who are really doing the work make it happen.”

Clinton has been taking a more active role at the Clinton Global Initiative, which was founded by her father, former President Bill Clinton. She also works as a special correspondent for NBC News and has taught at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.

Since 2010, Clinton has been affiliated with NYU as assistant vice provost for the Global Network University.

(Catalina Camia writes for USA Today.)



  1. It would be best to leave all religions behind us as the delusions they are. We can focus on the lives we have here and now, we can acknowledge that we are all one in nature on this planet and that our morals come from within ourselves as group animals. We really do not need religion to be good, in fact religion is based on a selfish goal, namely to be rewarded with heaven and punished with hell (which both do not really exist). If we learn to have respect for all living creatures and feel connected to it we can experience more non selfish love and be happy, without the sanctions of a non existent being in the sky……

  2. If her name wasn’t Clinton, what jobs or invitations would she get? I know it’s popular for married women to keep their surname, some hyphenating it with their husband’s, but… And didn’t Chelsea land some fancy job in high finance right after her father left office? Of course, the Clintons aren’t the first First Family to take advantage of their “royal” prerogative after leaving the White House, but again, but…

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