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Gays can now be Boy Scouts and -- surprise surprise! -- conservatives aren't happy about it. Should a rabbi be married only to a Jew? And is Anne Heche's new sitcom about God any good?


  1. I’m glad someone else is calling Pope Francis “Uncle Frank.” A few days after his election I wrote a blog suggesting . He still comes across avuncular.

  2. Lots of headlines, lots of churning, in the religious and political world this week. America continues her downward spiral, unfortunately.

    Weekend Weather Report: Hope remains on the table but so does uncertainty.

  3. It is because of the hyprocrisy I see from the church today that I no longer attend. Doubt Jesus would have cared if a Scout or Scout leader was gay or not. He cared for the whole person not just a part of them. I have no idea who Mark Driscoll is but I’d be upset if you called me this gen’s Pat Robertson. Very insulting in my opinion. Do these religious leaders have no shame? Wait, think I just answered that question above. Sigh.