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(RNS) What I have found at the Indianapolis Speedway is similar to the best faith moments I have had: pure experience, no pretense, no whining, a clear focus on what matters.

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Tom Ehrich

Tom Ehrich is a writer, church consultant and Episcopal priest based in New York. He is the author of “Just Wondering, Jesus” and founder of the Church Wellness Project. His website is

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  1. Tom:
    I am a retired U. Meth pastor…I used to read you weekly when I was still pastoring and you had a column in the Star. My wife died of cancer in ’12’ and I have been dating a retired teacher. We were talking about you recently and I said I would google you to see what you are up to. Surprisingly found you here and as always found your words a source of inspiration and “thinking oriented”. You were always a challenge for me to think again what I believed. Didn’t always agree with you but always found you to be what I needed to re-think about the things that really matters in life. It’s good to see that you are still doing the “good work”.
    gene young