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ST. LOUIS (RNS) ``I have tried over the years to reconcile my silence as a gay priest with that of the Church's increasingly anti-gay stance. I have been unsuccessful,'' the Rev. Gary Meier writes in his book ``Hidden Voices: Reflections of a Gay, Catholic Priest.''


  1. David Thompson

    It furthers my disgust for the teachings of the catholic church. So backwards and so hypocritical with everything they do wrong.

  2. I am thankful for the Gary Meier’s integrity such that he will not try to represent Christ and His Church, while still promoting a lifestyle contrary to the Natural Order created by God and sanctified by Christ and His Church. If homosexual acts can be consonant with God’s plan for mankind, then are there any sexual acts that can be disapproved outside of Rape? We recently heard from a friend who went to a night club where there was public sex on the dance floor (She had to hide to escape the advances from men)? Is this any worse than the acts of grave depravity which are inherent to homosexual activity? People have completely abandoned reason for sentimentality. Yes, we need to be understanding and loving towards people who suffer from Same Sex Attraction, not to enable them in Sin, but to draw them up to the Glory of God! It’s the same approach towards all sinners and all Sin. As Christ Jesus told the Adulterous woman “Go, and Sin No MORE”. This is the call of the Church to Homosexual’s. We love you, we do not condemn you because of your suffering sinful inclination, but “Go, and Sin No More”. The Church follows the Example of Jesus Christ in calling all sinners to repentance, forgiveness and New Life! Gary Meier, please preach this to homosexual’s, “Go and Sin NO MORE”.

  3. Bravo to Meier for coming out. Finally someone in Catholicism who is honest. I really hope Meier knows that the Catholic Church doesn’t own Christianity, and there are plenty of Christian Communities that will welcome him with open arms and celebrate his gifts of ministry.

  4. What’s next? A priest being “honest” about his adultery or fornication? (Yes, a unmarried priest can commit adultery if he has sex with an unmarried woman.) I’ll believe Meier is truly honest when he refuses any more support from the Church whose teaching he no longer accepts.

  5. He certainly is contributing to the confusion of Catholics. His superiors did nothing wrong. He is called to live a life of celibacy. So instead of saying I am living through the challenges of same sex attraction just like any other human being seeking a life of holiness, now I am saying I don’t believe what the church teaches. He is tired of not being himself? What self does he want to be? Here is the entire problem of not supporting the bishops’ stance that men with the slightest SSA should not be in the priesthood. It opens up a can of worms. Everyone is called to a life of chastity. If you’re not in a man-woman marriage, you live a celibate life. What makes it allowable for those with SSA to reject this? We may have weaknesses in other areas of life so that gives permission for those with SSA to just sin? Pray for a better understanding people of our Magisterial Teaching. It did not happen overnight. Our sins, though, happen overnight and we cling to them like it is a right.

    • Would that the whole church would re-read with more attention to detail the first couple chapters of Genesis. After God concludes that it is “not good for Adam to be alone,” God sets about creating what he hopes to be a “suitable companion.” Each of these attempts is presented, and Adam names them, but none of them was deemed a “suitable companion” until Eve was created. If one simply looks at the PROCESS, it was ADAM who determined who was a suitable companion, NOT GOD–according to the sacred narrative. Why, then, does the church insist on doing that which even God was unwilling to do: declaring who is a fit companion for whom?

  6. an given set of moral standards is arbitrary, there is no standard written in nature unless it is the law of the jungle. for either side in this debate to claim the moral high ground is absurd.
    this man has a disagreement with the church, then he should leave the church.
    the Catholic church has just as much right to their set of standards as he has to his own standards, it’s just that simple, therefore he is pushing an agenda just as the church is pushing an agenda. live and let live.

  7. i left the catholic church and joined a unitarian church. my mental health has improved since doing that with an abusive and hypocritical religion. I freely follow Jesus and feel closer to his teachings along with a closer understanding of right and wrong i respect the catholic church, but they hold NO monopoly over christianity. Its time they looked into the harm they are causing people.
    God bless

    • Don’t you miss the Eucharist? This assumes that you believe that it really is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ.