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(RNS) Sensing that a move to allow same-sex marriage is all but official, bishops in the Church of England signaled they won't try to derail it, even as they remain deeply uncomfortable with it.


  1. I’ve been a Quadriplegic since 1974 due to a motorcycle accndeit. I spent 9 months in RNSH initially, and have needed to return for different reasons, procedures, clinics and operations ever since. Probably averageing about 3 or 4 visits a year for 36 years.Over that period I have experienced many changes, some good, but lately more often bad. The nurseing staff have allways been the best thing about the place, but the last few years it’s become obvious their workload has increased.Parking has never been good, but now it’s worse and we pay for it.When I was recovering from my initial accndeit (9 months in the spinal ward) the nurses could wheel us patents outside into the open gardens in the sun, which when your contemplating your life with an ongoing health condition of any kind, has a huge effect on your mental ability to come to terms with your situation, but I’m hearing that there will be limited or no open spaces in the new hospital.Twice over the years I’ve been told by Registrars training here from other countrys that’s a common procedure where they’re from and they will talk to their boss and see what will be done, only to be told weeks later that it’s been declined. When pushed for a reason why it comes down to funding. FUNDING!!! There seemed to be more funding when there was less administrators! I hope the administrators can’t afford private health insurance when they’re sick.I’ve noted that the number of Private hospitals in Sydney has increased, so I’m wondering where the staff for these will be trained? Or will we just import them too?I’m currently copeing with torn shoulder muscles, which isn’t ideal when pushing a wheelchair. I’m told that it’s not to late to have a shoulder reconstruction, but at this point I’ve been waiting 3 weeks to be given an appointment for an MRI. 3 weeks dispite numerous calls to the booking office. still waiting.I was referred to an urologist back in Febuary but could not get an appointment to seehim till June! still waiting.The western suburbs are rapidly growing and to even suggest the hospitals limited surrounding land should be sold is simply shortsighted or posiblilly even criminal.Who’s bright idea was that? A politician or an administrator. their name should be made public.Continually we’re promised better funding for hospitals by each government (even the latest) .Still Waiting!!!