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(RNS) Pittsburgh Theological Seminary devoted its summer leadership conference to insights from the life and work of Fred Rogers, whose popular television show cultivated virtues such as neighborliness.


  1. This article really caught my attention. Since my retirement 10 years ago, my spiritual life has grown considerably. Mostly because I discovered how wonderful it is to spend 1 or 2 hours every morning in prayer and meditation.

    As a lifelong Catholic, I realized during these years how little I really knew and understood about my religion and spiritual issues in general!

    I have learned and discovered much during my morning quiet time, which I call the ‘classroom of silence’. One of the most wonderful discoveries for me was the idea of seeing and thinking about God and spiritual issues in a ‘conceptual’ way rather than as isolated thoughts and ideas.

    One ‘fun’ and ‘very rich’ concept which developed for me was what I called ‘Living in God’s Neighborhood’, which flowed from the TV show being discussed in this article.

    I developed a sense of connectedness to all the other ‘people of faith’, all living in God’s neighborhood, this ‘wonderful place’ which seemed to fit nicely with one of the earliest of Jesus’s teaching, that the Kingdom (neighborhood) of God is Among Us!

    I am reminded every morning of the fact that ‘It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood’………God’s neighborhood.

    Thank you Mr Rogers!