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Southern Baptists did not urge churches to cut ties to the Boy Scouts. An Arizona Congressman says incidents of pregnancy from rape are "very low." A new smartphone app allows users to report anti-Semitic and racist incidents.


  1. David Thompson

    “Instead, they condemned the decision to allow openly gay Scouts while acknowledging the right of churches to remain in Scouting.”

    They should be very careful in their judgement. It is highly probable that Jesus was gay or bisexual, considering his stance on apostles and closeness to women. Clearly he had something going on with Mary Magdalene and Peter was the one Jesus loved. Just like everything with Christianity, nothing can be proven true and nothing can be falsified, but probabilities remain.

  2. Good for the Southern Baptists but sad that the gays want to destroy anything that is not OWNED by them. If they were really good neighbors they would be neighborly instead of destructive. Somewhere along the line they might try to learn tolerance to others as they demand it from anyone else.

  3. When one uses they as ol dude did above isn’t that pretty much a great example of bigotry? I take offense to his comments above and wonder why the RNS moderator’s let those comments be posted. Yes, I believe in free speech but using “they” and attrubiting acts to a whole class of people by the use of the word’ they like he did is just pure bigotry nothing more and shouldn’t have been allowed to be posted in my humble opinion.