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The British tabloids have an amazing response to Scientology. Religious leaders won't get to bury the bodies from Kermit Gosnell's house of horrors. And Uncle Frank knocks his priests down a peg or two ...


  1. The Sun was right to apologise to alien lifeforms for associating them with the church of scientology. Given the vastness of the Universe, the shear number of planets it must contain it’s very improbable there aren’t intelligent lifeforms other than ourselves. They’re not aware but the church of scientology is the kiss of death, rightly so (Will Smith “After Earth” – say no more), so it’s was wrong of The Sun to suggest aliens have anything to do with the church of scientology. I applaud The Sun for it’s moral stance on this matter, no one should wish the church of scientology on to anyone on any planet.

  2. Happy 1st Father’s Day, Kevin! I rather liked the Sun.’s apology myself. If there are aliens visiting us wonder what they think of all that goes on here on this planet. I’d leave and never come back!

  3. I think it is hysterical that the media gets so up in arms about Scientology. It has already helped millions of people all over the world – it is practiced in over 150 nations of Earth. People really like it. And some (not all) media outlets attack it for one reason only – because it DOES help people. I mean think about it – if it didn’t help anyone, who would care about it? Why would people be so interested in it?

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