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VATICAN CITY (RNS) Advocates for survivors of clergy sex abuse vow to continue their fight after the International Criminal Court dismissed their case against retired Pope Benedict XVI.


  1. This is tantamount to ignoring genocide like that being practiced by President Assad of Syria and that practiced by any other political leaders or movements. It’s no different than ignoring the atrocities committed by the perpetrators of 9/11. How can any institution, like the United Nations, for instance, maintain any respect or have any influence when the crimes of any “nations,” the Catholic Church in this instance, continue to be ignored by the justice systems of all other nations and international groups?

    Now you know why bishops in the United States have been so immune to legal repercussions for their participation in their sex crimes and those of their clergy. Even their continuing cover-ups are considered legitimate. Our children have been offered up as a sacrifice to the clergy. They have no legal defense. Cardinal Bernard Law resides in extradited glory in Rome! And numerous others throughout the world remain “untouchables.” Proves the Catholic Church is still very Italian, right?

  2. David Thompson

    The Vatican is a criminal enterprise and the ICC was paid off for dismissal of the case. The Catholic clergy should require total emasculation. If they are not supposed to use it, then they should not mind losing it.

  3. im sorry but is this a joke? has no one seen the documentary mea maxima culpa? no probably not because the pope resigned (first in over 600 years) 4 days after it was released (coincidence?). the catholic church has been abusing power for decades. they may not be held accountable now but eventually these sex abuse cases will cost them billions of dollars. When the church is bankrupt and the truth finally comes out, people will realize that their ignorance has let multiple criminals run free.

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