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(RNS) Once the appeal period is over, the city will follow normal procedures and cremate and bury the remains of 47 bodies aborted by Kermit Gosnell, despite pleas from the Philadelphia archdiocese to give them a religious burial.


  1. What’s the difference, dead is dead, over is over, gone is gone. Religious (spiritual) considerations would be varied if at all genuine and should be private. In the case of these fetuses, hardly fully developed persons, horrible as Gosnell’s unethical and criminal participation might have been, the “parents” no doubt had no more concern than Gosnell. Genuine grief does not extend beyond that, and religious expressions should only be those of the “families” if they have any grief. Churches are only trying to expand it into a community affair as part of their evangelization. That cheapens religion and evangelization.

  2. For that matter, concerning Cardinal Rigali’s participation, it’s too bad he wasn’t as serious about the sexual abuse of clergy in his diocese as is attempted by his successor’s interference for attention, for religious sensationalism.

  3. What a shamefull decision!! The state and city knew for years what was going on with Gosnell and sat by. These babies had to be killed! That to me denotes that they were alive, able to sustain life outside of the womb. Not to give them the consideration of a proper burial is the same as Gosnell, he’ll be buried properly, and he should be he is a human being. So are these babies, not fetesus but babies! SHAME ON YOU. Philadelphia.

    • “Elizabeth” must have been there to know so much about the developmental status of those aborted fetuses. Some good biology lessons are in order to learn the difference between a fetus and a baby. Gosnell was wrong, bad, in many ways, but we must not go to other extremes in defending religious beliefs. Did Rigali or Chaput determine if the parents of the aborted fetuses were Catholics. If not, then all their noise is nothing but an exploitation of sad and disgraceful events to promote, even force, their religious agenda on others, on the public at large. It’s part of their theological politics.