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(RNS) Fifteen years after Congress passed a law to better protect global religious freedom, the legislation is failing to fulfill its mission, activists told lawmakers on Thursday (June 13).


  1. This is so disappointing. Having interviewed Suzan Johnson Cook right before she took office, I remember she had great entrepreneurial drive and enthusiasm. I wonder how much that has been dampened by foreign service professionals who don’t want to offend countries where the U.S. makes money.

  2. David Thompson

    What gives the US the right to do anything like this? We can’t even keep our own house in order. We don’t have religious freedom in the US. We have a quasi-Christian theocracy and it’s getting worse continually. Muslims don’t have religious freedom. Sikhs are discriminated against. Non-religious have to fight tooth and claw to keep Christianity out of their lives. We need to fix our own problems and stay the heck out of other peoples business.

  3. Before the U.S. participates in any international groups or advises any other country about freedom of religion, it needs to begin living with the very first phrase of the very first amendment to its own Constitution that was passed by the people of our country almost immediately after the main body of that document. That constitutional requirement has been violated by various churches from the very beginning.

    Non-endorsement of any religion means separation of church and state. We have a steady, unconstitutional, and sad history of churches being allowed to violate that constitutional amendment by trying to force their theological conclusions on the behavior of others. Freedom of religion, it must be remembered, also means freedom from religion.