Meet Imam Dayaiee Abdullah, quite possibly the world’s only openly gay Islamic cleric. He’ll do gay Muslim weddings and Skype counseling to gay Muslims overseas.

Remember the nice guy in Hartford who was told he couldn’t provide free haircuts to the homeless? Well now he can. “Do unto others as you would have them do to you,” says Anthony Cymerys, 82.

Mazel tov to Roy Medley, who was reelected to a fourth two-year term as president of the American Baptist Churches USA.

Remember all those hopes that the Arab Spring would usher in greater freedom for religoius minorities across the Middle East? Yeah, not so much, says the Pew Research Center.

Troubling reports out of Bhutan over chronic sexual abuse of young Buddhist monks by their older superiors.

Here’s a headline that will make you stop short: Evangelicals in Georgia are blending incense, chanting choirs and a bishop in a big gray beard and flowing black robes. That’s Georgia as in post-Soviet, not Georgia as in peaches and pecans.

It’s not a Shabbat Shalom for Israel’s chief rabbi, Yona Metzger, who was placed under house arrest for five days as part of a bribery and graft investigation.

The Church of England says partnered gay men can still be considered for a bishop’s post — unless they don’t really want to consider said gay man for a bishop’s post.

Britain wants Argentine-born Pope Francis to stay out of the decades-old dispute between Argentina and the U.K. over who owns the Falkland Islands.

French President Francois Hollande says the pilgrimage town of Lourdes will be declared a disaster zone after flooding ravaged the shrine that attracts legions of pilgrims.

When you visit your favorite pilgrimage site, please thank God that it’s Friday — and if you can put in a good word for the RNS Roundup, that’d be cool, too. Happy weekend, y’all.


  1. The TGIF picture is appropriate .. this has been a rather weak week (weak – weak week?) … not much to say. Maybe the problem is that if you look ONLY for controversy (especially controversy that feeds specific groups) then you will not always find it. It would be better to look at WHAT’s HAPPENING. But then you have seek it (at least a little). There was terrific RNS in Norman OK and Moore OK but you had to be there. There is on-going RNS in hospitals, hospice, schools, homeless tent cities, urban streets .. but you have to go there (it is not front page or about popes or gays or abortion). It’s more often about food and hope and spirit and LOVE (but those are not interesting to your readers … right?)

  2. Old Dude, Honestly, I like seeing the things you mentioned much more than the controversy you mention. Makes me a whole lot less angry and gives me some hope for the Christian faith and religion in general. But, in today’s world, the controversy will come in it’s own sweet time. The later, the better, I say.

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