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  The Church of England is creating a pagan church as part of a drive to retain congregation numbers, The Telegraph reports. As opening arguments for the George Zimmerman trial begin, seats have been reserved for pastors who aim to keep the peace, ┬áregardless of the verdict. The pastors include the Rev. Joel Hunter, who […]

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Sarah Pulliam Bailey

Sarah Pulliam Bailey

Sarah Pulliam Bailey is a national correspondent for RNS, covering how faith intersects with politics, culture and other news. She previously served as online editor for Christianity Today where she remains an editor-at-large.


  1. The church of England story has to really be from the Onion, right? No? Hey Old Dude, todays RNR was great, lot’s of stories & not all of them bad either. So, you shouldn’t have much to complain about today, though, as I said, the bad stories will come soon enough. Unfortunately, always do.

  2. Creating a “pagan” church to retain those precarious attendance numbers? Really?

    That’s what I like about the Church of England: They may not believe in the Bible, but they sure do believe in comic relief.