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WASHINGTON Justice Anthony Kennedy's 26-page opinion Wednesday (June 26) striking down a federal ban on same-sex marriages offers a window into Americans' rapidly shifting views of same-sex relationships -- a shift that increasingly relies on matters of law and fairness, not moral or religious views.


  1. Nice article. However, your perspective on Scalia is confusing when you wrote “That’s not to say that Scalia and his ideological allies on the court have reached the end of the marriage battle — at least not yet. In fact, Scalia’s been right on this score before.”

    You’re not being clear that Scalia is right only in the belief that his side lost and will continue to lose. You seem to contradict yourself with the statement “Scalia…and his allies.have [not] reached the end of the marriage battle”, when the rest of the story implies he has already lost the war.

  2. Praise the Lord for the many blessings He’s already bestowed upon those joined in His name. The power of “men” to insists some of His children deny their trinity with God is gone.

    The highest morality, God’s love, has reigned over evil wishers today as it always does. The joy of faith in his righteousness is rewarded this day!

    • I don’t understand the comment of SFTommy. I can’t figure out whether you are ‘for it or agin it.’

  3. I highlight one of Justice Scalia’s quotes:

    “In the majority’s telling, this story is black-and-white: Hate your neighbor or come along with us. The truth is more complicated.”

    Amen! Yes, the truth is indeed more complicated. The sftommys of the world seem to want to make this issue a zero sum game…you are either for us (gay marriage) or you are one of the “evil wishers” against us. Assuming the tide continues to turn we’ll see if the LGBT community is able to do what they say the other side hasn’t for decades, love and respect them in spite of their opposing views of marriage.

  4. As Finley Peter Dunne’s character, Mr. Dooley the Chicago bartender, advised us a century ago: “The Supreme Court follows the election returns”.

  5. Kevin Eckstrom

    Article author

    Sorry if I wasn’t clear. What I was trying to say was not whether Scalia had won or lost the battle, but that it wasn’t over yet. I can’t make claims as to how this will all pan out; just that Scalia predicted 10 years ago that this is where the court would end up, and he may be correct on his newest prediction.