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(RNS) The booming halal market is often accompanied by a lack of consensus about what constitutes halal. In addition, several well-publicized incidents of fraud have left halal consumers vulnerable to unscrupulous merchants and suspicious about the sources of the products they are buying.


  1. Salaams and Thanks for this story and letting people know about the “humanely” raised part of Halal food. Some use the story of the Prophet Mohamed, PBUH, who criticized a man for sharpening his knife beside the terrified animal he was about to slaughter for guidance on what is humane.

    If we agree that the animal should not be terrorized before being slaughtered, putting them on an assembly line for butchering, as they cry out in fear will not qualify as “Halal” nor will the cruel way newborn male cows are treated to be made into veal.

    Halal has meaning, it’s not a mere technicality.

  2. Earold Gunter

    It’s too bad the same type of concerns of being humane isn’t applied to the way they treat their women.