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WASHINGTON (RNS) The demise of the Defense of Marriage Act leaves an expanse of battlegrounds and a patchwork of laws. While every state in New England now recognizes same-sex marriages, for instance, not a single state in the South does.


  1. David Thompson

    Yeah, those Ratpublicans are so fueled by hate that they should be able to alienate themselves from any normal thinking folk.

    • I know, those darn republicans always forcing their morals on us! How dare them They opposed us liberals our human right to own slaves by setting them free, they opposed our KKK, they opposed our rights as democrats to be above the blacks, now they want to oppose us ruining marriage. How dare those republicans has morals!

  2. This will be in the courts for decades to come and remember the makeup of Scotus can change. Gay marriage in every state is not inevitable and can actually be turned back thanks to the Supreme Court decision,

  3. RECALL Gov. Brown and Lt. Gov. Newsom for abuse of power, abuse of language in not allowing the people’s vote to determine the definition of marriage in our state.