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Some religious leaders respond with charity and grace to DOMA ruling. Chinese authorities tell Tibetan monks they can worship the Dalai Lama. Spielberg may be considering a movie on Moses.


  1. One Christian observer simply wrote, “Dark days are coming to the USA.”

    Concise and correct,

    • Dark … darker … darkest … it has been dark and it is getting darkER .. .. and the conditions that make things dark are not getting better (they are getting worse). There is a serious moral deficiency in our “modern” society (man has always been corruptible but of let it is in a spiral — going down the proverbial tubes).. and economics is also going sour because of massive borrowing .. and mass education (which made the U.S. strong is in decline .. curricula is in decline).. the family is gone now .. even one parent family is gone .. kids had but abandoned … responsibility and accountability is gone from top to bottom .. and we have the technological means to destroy our species … so yes DARK — DARKER are ahead and I have no idea wherea darkEST is..

  2. Don’t forget —

    He said, ” I will never leave you or forsake you. ”

    That means that the work of the Holy Spirit will not leave or forsake the affairs of this world we so happily live in.

    Let us be grateful and pleased when a good thing happens to so many.

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