Superman is more the anti-Christ than a Christ-like figure. Discuss.

courtesy Santa Fe Reporter

courtesy Santa Fe Reporter

A Santa Fe alt-weekly is getting grief over a cover illustration that looks like a saucy Virgin of Guadalupe. Says editor Alexa Schirtzinger: “It is not meant to ‘be’ the virgin herself.”

In light of the Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage this week, Monsignor Charles Pope has a suggestion worth pondering: Should the church drop the term “marriage” in favor of “holy matrimony”? Says Pope, who serves the church in my neighborhood in D.C.:

“What the secular world means by the word ‘marriage’ is not even close to what the Church means.”

Our own Mark Silk has some thoughts about what marriage means — and doesn’t — for Catholics.

An openly gay lawmaker in Pennsylvania was shut down in Harrisburg for wanting to discuss the gay marriage ruling. His Republican colleague said he couldn’t speak about something that is “against what the word of God has said, what God has said, and just open rebellion against God’s law.”

True to form, Pat Robertson blames, without any proof, the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage to gay clerks working under Justice Anthony Kennedy.

And if you think SCOTUS more or less settled the gay marriage issue … um, no. The real battles are just getting started at the state level.

Babson College has officially apologized to nearby Brandeis University over a 1978 soccer match in which some Babson players wore swastikas and screamed “Happy Holocaust” at players from historically Jewish Brandeis.

As we speak, Omar Sacirbey is putting the finishing touches on this week’s edition of Moozweek. Find it here.

Preservationists are mourning the loss of St. James Catholic Church in Chicago; the archdiocese said it simply couldn’t afford to fix the 133-year-old South Side landmark.

No more halal Chicken McNuggets at McDonald’s — or anywhere else, many Muslims say as halal standards continue to be more than a little loosey-goosey.

A Christian mom who sent her son to soon-to-be-defunct Exodus International to pray away the gay says she made the wrong choice, and accepting her son was “non-negotiable.”

Howard Friedman breaks down an important appeals court victory for Christian-owned Hobby Lobby craft stores, which sued to stop the Obama administration’s contraception mandate. Far from the end of the road, however.

Can we do this in 140 characters or less? Believers are generally happier on Twitter than atheists, says a new study.

A NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City that’s owned by the Mormon church has decided to start airing “Saturday Night Live,” after years of blocking the show’s sometimes racy content.

So remember how Pope Francis launched a special commission to try and reform the Vatican bank? He might want to start with this priest, arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle 20 million Euros in from Switzerland aboard a private jet.

Three leading bishops from the breakaway traditionalist group that Pope Benedict XVI tried to woo back are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the split, and no, they still don’t like Vatican II.

Speaking of Uncle Frank, here’s his bit of daily wisdom: Be patient with God, because God is more than patient with us.

2013-05-10 22.10.02And with that, I’m getting a little impatient for my twin sons’ first birthday party tomorrow (some of you may remember meeting guacamole-loving Gustav). Here he is again, with his brother, Alton.

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  1. Slow day today. I thought the Santa Fe poster was offensive (and I am not Roman Catholic and do not believe in visions) The illustration is offensive. Mark Silk’s blather about the Pope is also shallow and less than gratuitous attempt at humor. If I were CEO at Trinity College I would not want Mark Silk to claim he was our professor or posting stupidity in the name of Trinity .. so it reveals a lot about Trinity. The Pope may be trying to infuse honor back into oaths. Silk apparently knows nothing about honor.

  2. Well .. I wonders which Trinity College was it where Silk was a professor’ Googled it. It is claims to be a “liberal arts” college in Hartford (no mention of Christian faith). So the entire matter is a case of misrepresentation and allowing others to believe a representation that is false: (a) that the term “Trinity” is related to the Christian Trinity and (b) that Silk is a professor of religions (he is not). Now misrepresentation of a material fact (or failure to disclose a material fact) is a textbook definition of FRAUD. LOL .. and by golly that describes it to a “T” — the T in Trinity. The entire Silk offering is a case of FRAUD.

  3. Kevin Eckstrom

    Article author

    Old Dude: Please be careful about your assertions regarding both Trinity and Mark Silk. While Trinity College has no formal affiliation now, it once did. It was founded by Episcopalians: “Although its earliest heritage was Episcopalian, its principal founder and first president having been the Rt. Rev. Thomas Brownell, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut, its charter prohibits the imposition of religious standards on any student, faculty members or other members of the college, consistent with the forces of religious diversity and toleration in force at the time.” The terms “liberal arts” and Christian are not mutually exclusive.

    So there’s no “fraud” in its name, and Mark Silk is indeed a professor at Trinity:

  4. 1st of all, congrat’s 2 you & your family on the twins 1st birthday. Twice the fun & twice the mess of a 1st birthday party. 2nd, Old Dude, what RNR were you reading? Definately not a slow news day and quite a bit of info in this edition of RNR. So much so that it will require me finding time to go back & look at the links more in detail later. Thirdly, while you do have the right to remain anon. by using Old Dude as your name if you’re going to make claims such as you did, at least have the courage to put your real name to them! I’m glad Kevin Eckstrom, ( hope I spelled that right) took the time to correct what you claimed to be fact. With that I’m off to the weekend too. Happy 1st birthday!

  5. Well I apologize for my assertions which as it turns out were not correct. You see I was mislead by the statement that Mark Silk was a professor or Religion a Trinity College. Not being an Ivy Leaguer or an eastern New Englander when I read that someone is a professor of Religion at a college called Trinity it is kind of like hearing that someone is the Service Supervisor a People’s Pontiac . You just kind of understand that the person so named is a well experienced auto mechanic at a Pontiac dealer but maybe that is entirely wrong because Pontiac no longer is connected to People’s which has now become a horse farm and the Service Supervisor does not supervise service but is actually the bookkeeper of a stock brokerage that rents space from People’s which is no longer a Pontiac dealer. It’s and honest mistake, but a mistake .. and so I apologize for making that mistake.

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