1. Thank you, Rabbi Rudin, for this little essay jam packed with fascinating historical info yet touching on the sublime. Weren’t we lucky to have a person like Lincoln, particularly at that time? Bless the souls of all the Gettysburg participants.

  2. David Fountain

    Good article, but 51,000 were not killed at Gettysburg. I believe you confused casulties with deaths.

    From historynet.com: 7,058 were fatalities (3,155 Union, 3,903 Confederate). Another 33,264 had been wounded (14,529 Union, 18,735 Confederate) and 10,790 were missing (5,365 Union, 5,425 Confederate).

  3. Esther Schrager

    There WAS a rabbi at Gettysburg, and HE was the first Jewish chaplain: Rabbi Sarner, of the 54th New York Volunteers. He was a recent immigrant from Germany, and the 54th was German immigrants, and needed a German-speaking chaplain.

    I was privileged to meet Rabbi David Wucher of Huntingon WV who portrayed R’ Sarner at the 150th Anniversary reenactment at Gettysburg the weekend of July 4–7, 2013. It was a SPECTACULAR event!!

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