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The New York Times endorses the Obama administration's contraception guidelines. Yoga does not advance religion. NBC plans a sequel to the hit cable series "The Bible."


  1. Garson Abuita

    “The Bible” program had a pretty Christian bent already, so I doubt non-Christians are going to get too upset if the sequel is titled “A.D.: Beyond the Bible.” Actually, there was already a miniseries in the 80’s titled “A.D.” covering the same material, so they’ll probably have to come up with a different name anyway.

  2. “A.D.: Beyond the Bible” Huh!!! If my negativity offended you, sorry, but I have serious doubts about this project. An accurate story about the birth of the Christian church is not NBC’s real motivation, but money. I would love if they make a liar of me. In the Media, Chrisitanity is portrayed more and more as another fairy tale among many others, and the problem is that we the Christians are also contributing to this image.

    • Isn’t making money the goal of any business?

      According to some reports, NBC has been eager to air a sequel ever since the first episode of The Bible was shown. Convincing Roma Downey and her husband Mark Burnett, who produced the original series, that NBC would be a good partner took some doing.

      Having the show on a major broadcast network should increase viewership of the new series. I think that appeals to Downey and Burnett, who are not into this project for the money.

      • Dale, thanks for your reacction. You are very right! NBC is a business. They want to make money. You get my point!

  3. As an atheist, I don’t much care about the whole AD thing. I use the days of the week too and yet I don’t believe in any of the Roman gods they are named after. Today is named after the Roman god Mercury for example.

    • Pedantic Alert: Today, Tuesday, is not named for Mercury. English days of the week are a combination of Roman and Norse deities. Now if you spoke Spanish, you’d quickly tell today was Mar’s day and tomorrow was the day of Mercury, followed by Jupiter and Venus. Interestingly, Spanish changes the days of Saturn and the Sun into the Sabbath and Day of the Lord respectively. To understand why those are separate, and why a two day weekend in the first place, it takes some knowledge of Catholicism. But we have reached the limits of this post.
      To learn more interesting tidbits, consult your local library, or Google as the kids are calling it these days. 😉

      • Yes, but he doesn’t care about the gods, whomever the days are bnamed after. Baron Samdi, or whatever/

  4. Charles Humfree

    Thanks to the people who put RNS together. I don’t have much time during any given day and having the larger religion stories all together is convenient. The brief analysis bits regarding any story are entertaining. Thanks again.

  5. Couldn’t watch the complete video of the preacher. Made me sick and disgusted. Hope the congregation does the right thing and finds someone who is not consumed with self. Yes, preacher man, take your paid off car and go to some podunk place that doesn’t have a pot because you don’t deserve that even. Seems as if you have forgotten the love of Christ and replaced it with importance of self. Doubt you’d be satisfied in that ‘podunk’ church either because they wouldn’t keep you in the lifestyle you think you deserve.

  6. Speaking of couldn’t watch The Bible mini-series is one I won’t. After portraying Pres. Obama as the devil, which was intentional, I simply won’t watch anything that I know that is associated with that piece of work. From what I did see of it but mostly heard about from others it was terribly inaccurate anyway.

  7. For many of us C.E. (Common era) has replaced A.D. Simple courtesy to the world to the majority of the world that is not Christian, or ex-Christian, like Europe. C.E. is used among scholars and in many media.

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