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(RNS) John Baptist Greco built the once vibrant miniature replica of Bethlehem and Jerusalem out of plywood, scrap metal and discarded objects. His years of toil turned a craggy mountaintop into an attraction that drew thousands of Christian pilgrims in the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s.


  1. Ok, clean up the mess and build a hospital or housing for the poor on the location. Or a free education facility for those who missed satisfactory learning to get a decent job, or to learn enough about politics and government to vote intelligently for genuinely democratic government–that we have never yet had. We claim to be a democracy, but no one could prove a time when we really were. Let that learning include the history the Founders and Framers had to wisely constitute our government as separate from religion and churches–and from “National Days of Prayer!” That would save both religion and government, churches and state. They have always contaminated each other whenever there has been the slightest union.