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WASHINGTON (RNS) Support for White House petitions to label anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church as a "hate group" was strongest in Kansas and Newtown, Conn., according to data provided by the White House.


  1. Earold Gunter

    The muslims have the taliban, the christians have the westboro weirdos. Most can agree that their beliefs are at the extreme end of each religion. Unfortunately however, not many seem to be able to grasp the concept that a belief in any religion, even those with beliefs that are outside the outer fringes of acceptability like these people, serve to normalize belief in the unreal, unprovable, and supernatural. Better to believe in science and reason, than fairytales.

    • That’s actually a compliment to Christians, as WBC has all of about 40 members. And I read that two young women quit the organization, so make that 38.

      Of course, strident and reactionary white Liberals (cough Rachel Maddow cough) have you all believing that WBC is a mega church with millions of members.

    • Of course there are huge differences. Christians haven’t been blowing themselves up or killing others like Islamic extremists. I get tired of liberals trying to connect Muslims with Christians. It’s a ridiculous connection with no basis in fact. Go to if you want to see the daily killing committed by Islamic radicals.

      • You realize the crusades were led by Christians who were told by priests they were doing the work of god…that was loooooong before the “Taliban” existed…

    • Hey Earold, if God grants you the grace and you get to lie on a deathbed still able to think straight before you die, what are you going to say then? Life on this planet isn’t forever, you know…..So tell us, without insulting the God you say you don’t believe in, what will you do with eternity staring you in the face? You probably won’t be so cheeky then. Human reason is what gave the world the reign of terror during the French revolution, the millions of murdered by communist governments and the Nazi Party. Great people to emulate, wouldn’t you say?

      • Thomas Jefferson

        Are you saying there has never been a religiously based war?

        A list of such wars and religious atrocities is far too long to show here. But here are a couple of links..

        And Hitler was a Catholic. He is one of yours.

          Association fallacy. Hitler was a Christian but that doesn’t make all Christians Nazis or evil.

      • Broseph, that’s like saying medicine gave the world Thalidomide so all medicine is bad. More good has come from reason than bad. How are we going to save the world from climate change without science and reason? (In case you are one of the climate change deniers, here’s a source for ya

  2. Westoro is their own worst enemy anyways. They picket funerals purely for the shock value, and because they picket them so often they’re losing that shock value as people get used to it and just ignore them.

  3. I’m glad to hear the White House will not list this church as a hate group. Westboro Church is a vile, discussing organization BUT they are a church and I would hate to see the government take this step in stifling freedom of religion and free speech. It’s a slippery slope and once taken it makes it easier and easier to shut down other, far less inflammatory, even mainstream churches that the government doesn’t like for any number of reasons.

    • I am not sure I agree with the idea of absolute freedom of speech. What if they were saying that all gays should be executed? I doubt anyone thinks people should have the freedom to say this kind of stuff. Where is the line drawn?

  4. Obama and his supporters should be denounced as a
    ‘hate group’ of Life
    ‘hate group’ of Christians
    ‘hate group’ of Free speech
    ‘hate group’ of Privacy
    ‘hate group’ of the Constitution

  5. The White House does not determine groups as “hate groups” although this gives private organizations incentives to label them as such. The government should investigate their exemption status.

  6. Westoro is that the worst enemy of every case. this is often strictly for the shock price, and since they typically picket if they lose their shock price that individuals get accustomed it and that they simply ignore it. ceremony picketing

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