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(RNS) The two most decisive popes of the 20th century are now, or soon will be, saints. The Supremes' gay marriage decision is already being invoked in federal court and Muslims' are taking a page from the Christians' music book.


  1. Kevin Eckstrom

    Article author

    Hi Kathleen,
    I don’t believe comments are hidden … maybe they’re still sleeping after the July 4 festivities …

  2. HeyKathleen, I’m here. Did you think I’d miss a chance to comment? Amed Shafi’s comments, sorry if I spelled her name wrong, I’m blind and my speelcheck doesn’t work on the internet side of my accessible computer. Anywayher article shown in the links is a good read and as one who still would like to think of himself as Christian thhough most of thhe RW Christians have disowned me, I think what is happening in NC and other places is as she said, the Tbagging GOP drunk on power, showing their true fascist colors. For more of my comments regarding that read the comment section of Amhead’s article, but, needless to say I’m disgusted, to say the leeast!