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At least 40 Islamist supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi are shot dead. Explosions rock a Buddhist temple near the Bodhi tree. Pope Francis travels to Sicily to draw attention to migrant plight.


  1. Another great RNS by Y. S. Beer commercial linking patriotism to drinking beer? Who cares? I get more annoyed by these type of ad’s than anything. Sigh. Why can’t religion at least grant equality to those who do not believe or act as they do? So you don’t like a particular lifestyle then pray for the person don’t persecute them, doesn’t exactly make them want to find out why your beliefs are so “great”. Another huge sigh.

  2. The new Egyptian Government, as with past Egyptian governments and any future governments, will not be able to solve the problem of widespread semi-starvation due the lack of food and its high prices. Nor will Egypt’s vast unemployment be solved. The global economy is structured to not supply sufficient food to Egypt nor will it supply any significant number of jobs. The domestic Egyptian economy also is not capable of providing food or jobs.