(RNS) Christian groups in India’s northeastern state of Nagaland are working to quell the rapid growth of Satanism after reports that thousands of teenagers from churches had taken up devil worship in recent months.

Photo of Kohima in Nagaland courtesy rajkumar1220 via Flickr

Photo of Kohima in Nagaland courtesy rajkumar1220 via Flickr

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The Vatican’s Fides news agency recently reported that more than 3,000 young “worshipers of Satan” have been identified in Nagaland’s capital of Kohima alone.

The actual strength of Satan worshippers is difficult to determine, but such groups also exist in Nagaland’s largest city of Dimapur, and they are using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to expand their network, said the Rev. Wati Longkumer, director of the Nagaland Missionary Movement, a group of mostly Baptist associations and churches.

“Some of the Christian youth who have renounced Satan worship have told us that they would be called for services after midnight at the Kohima War Cemetery and other locations, and asked to wear black T-shirts and be called by their new nicknames,” Longkumer said.

Longkumer said he has seen membership forms for a group calling itself the Black Bulls and inviting youngsters to become part of devil worship.

Longkumer’s organization, part of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council, which consists of more than 1,300 churches, has assigned its youth department to conduct a detailed report.

More than 90 percent of Nagaland’s 2 million residents are Christians, and about three-fourths of those identify as Baptist.

The Rev. Ben Dang Toshi Longkumer, a Nagaland-based representative of the Evangelical Fellowship of India (no relation to Wati Longkumer), said the parents of numerous youngsters have expressed concerns about their children leaving home around midnight.

“Satan worship has considerably changed the demeanor and the worldview of the youth, though no criminal activity by them has been reported thus far,” he said.

In April, church groups in the state organized crusades to rescue youngsters from Satan worship. The Roman Catholic Church in Nagaland has said it is shocked to learn about the phenomenon and is working with Protestant groups to counter it.

The Rev. Zotuo Kiewhuo, senior pastor of Koinonia Baptist Church in Kohima, said the cult is spreading like “wildfire” due to an identity crisis among the youth of the state plagued with corruption, insurgencies and intratribal conflicts.



  1. I am copying my comments and pasting them here. Easier than rewriting it:
    “The Rev. Zotuo Kiewhuo, senior pastor of Koinonia Baptist Church in Kohima, said the cult is spreading like “wildfire” due to an identity crisis among the youth of the state plagued with corruption, insurgencies and intratribal conflicts.”

    Then why doesn’t the church (who should be doing this anyways) do something about the corruption, etc, and quit wringing their hands in mock anguish? I smell a rat. I think said rat is that this satan group has been created by the church, so they have something to be ‘concerned’ about- mostly because of how open this recruitment is. Why would a group like this have membership forms? How come only this one person has seen the forms? From what I know, which isn’t much, BTW- groups like this find members in secret, and try to stay secret, mostly to avoid articles like this. No one likes an angry religious horde.

    “Some of the Christian youth who have renounced Satan worship have told us that they would be called for services after midnight at the Kohima War Cemetery and other locations, and asked to wear black T-shirts and be called by their new nicknames”

    Then there should be evidence of that: signs of such a meeting at the cemetery. Someone from the church who has taken pictures, etc. All we have is this guy’s word. And really? Midnight? Someone’s parents would have caught their kid sneaking out and had a word with them. However, this sentence: “parents of numerous youngsters have expressed concerns about their children leaving home around midnight” just screams of something being off a tad. Really? These parents cannot control their children? Not so much as a “you go out, you’ll be grounded till you’re 65″? Like I said… I smell a rat. What parents would stand by helplessly as their kid went off to do something like that?

    “The Roman Catholic Church in Nagaland has said it is shocked to learn about the phenomenon and is working with Protestant groups to counter it.” How shocked can it be to have ‘learned’ about it? The catholic kids aren’t doing the same? If one group is doing it, all groups are doing it. Something doesn’t add up.

  2. Dennis N Arashiro

    If 90% of Nagaland was Satanist, rebellious youth would be having midnight Baptist services. Teenagers are doing what teenagers always do: the opposite of their elders.

  3. “… after reports that thousands of teenagers from churches had taken up devil worship in recent months.”


    How gullible can you get? Oh, wait. These are Christians. Never mind.

  4. People are exagerating about the satan worshipping in Nagaland. Some preacher had said some renounce youth/students who professed that they worship satan after mighnight at War Cemetry or some other places in thousand. No one has really seen this much gatherings. And if it is really doing so, people will see them as they claim in thousand numbers. This much number of people will never be together without seen by any body. We all know that satan does exist. But why should we worry for it as the Lord Jesus is above everything and in control. just Trust in the Lord.

  5. Another dubious export from Christianity, this dogma of Satan (vs God) along with Original Sin, Eternal Damnation and other assorted theology…

    Pretty sad to see so many in North East India so completely cut-off from their native traditions, that they have to resort to “Satan Worship” instead of rebelling from the Western Churches that are steadily erasing native cultures all over the world, in the name of brotherly love.

  6. Frankly, Karigar, that “native culture” you lament the erasure of has plenty of evil and sadism in it that could do with some erasing. Let’s not forget it’s the land of India that has the settee, where wives are burned alive at their husband’s funerals along with other “possessions”. Where ultrasounds are abused as gender selectors and babies are aborted if found to be female on a wide scale. Where instead of the divorce God made allowance for in protection of women during Moses’ time, Indians set their unwanted wives on fire when they’ve extorted all the money that they can from the bride’s family and they want a new wife. Where Indian men are running out of women to marry in newer generations because of the extreme bias against women as anything but chattle. You defend their culture, which includes the caste system – I wonder if you would think it so great and wonderful if you had been born into the lowest caste?

    Followers of Kali and other death cults were taken down by the British occupation, not Christian missionaries, but it’s a good thing that they were. Though it is one of the oldest civilizations in existence, it is one of the least civilized and least developed. They have a million deities, it comes as no surprise that they could make allowance for adding Satan to the pile.

    It is the introduction of Christianity that brings civilization and peace to an area, clean water and food to impoverished areas through donations as promoted on televangelist programs highlighting the people’s needs, equality for ALL regardless of race or gender or caste they are from.

    Unique among all faiths is that instead of a god that wants you to suffer (karmically over and over again until you learn your lesson, or physically in sacrifice and torment), the Christian God, knowing of our inability to be sinless and blameless in our own strength, sacrificed Himself in our place so that we don’t have to pay the penalty of death.

    Why does His love for you offend you so much?

    Instead of defending a culture that is reprehensible and not the least lamentable, have you once considered the real needs of these people you claim to speak up for, as though you really care? Or if you don’t care, then don’t post. If you do, they thirst, they hunger, they are poor and in need of decent clothing and lodging. You can join the Christians you disdain so highly and pitch in to help contribute to an ease of their suffering and poverty.

  7. “Jesus Christ is the ONLY Way, the Truth and the Life. No One comes to the Father but only through Him”.- The Word of God.
    There is no life as cool as the life one has with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ already recognized and accepted You. He is waiting for you to come to Him now. Come to the original platform which Jesus Christ has set only for you, the platform of Eternal Life. All the questions you have will be answered and solved when you give your life to Jesus Christ.
    “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the death, you will be saved”. – The Word of God.

  8. Can someone send me a Facebook link to these Satanist groups in Nagaland? My uncle is a Christian pastor in Nainital and has repeatedly saved baby girls from being sacrificed. Can’t believe this weird stuff is happening all over India.

  9. ……………………………
    1 Corinthians
    3. Know ye not that we shall JUDGE ANGELS? how much more things that pertain to this life?

    Satan hates you because you made the image and likeness of God and God wants to give you the inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven, but the biggest reason that Satan hates you is this: YOU have TO JUDGE him, children of God through faith in Lord Jesus Christ will JUDGE Satan, …Satan knows this and wants to keep you away from Lord Jesus Christ, but that means you’ll be tormented with fire for eternity in Hell along with Satan, …Satan has already destroyed one third of the angels fate. REMEMBER.

  10. What happens to Satan, his angels and people who believed his lies?

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  11. Matthew 25 LORD Jesus Christ:
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    1 Corinthians 10
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    2 Corinthians 11
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    Revelation 12
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  12. that isaiah passage is about nenuchanezzar … something you might know if you studied what you talk about. i’m pretty sure these “devil worshippers” don’t worship any devils at all – like most satanists – and are probably more interested in thumbing their noses at the traditional, backwards and ignorant christians who are so determined to impose their irrational and humorless will upon young people who yearn to join the modern world

  13. Matthew 8 …demons said:
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    …demons are dismayed that day comes eternal torment

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    Revelation 21
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