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(RNS) The organization representing Catholic hospitals across the country says it no longer objects to the Obama administration’s mandate that all employees receive free birth control coverage. The decision by the Catholic Health Association puts the hospitals at odds with the Catholic hierarchy, which last week rejected the White House’s final regulations.


  1. And stick to your guns, lay people, Sisters, and hospital boards. We must all join in with those who oppose the “celibate” hierarchy for being so out of date scientifically, theologically, and pastorally. It is almost 48 years that the declarations of Vatican II have been violated by too many hierarchs, including the leaders of the “Reform the Reform” movement. John Paul and Benedict.
    Collegiality should not only include the bishops of the church, but all the People of God, lay people, priests, and religious.

    Monumental reform is the only thing that will save the dying church. Those reforms would do extremely well to model themselves after the successful structures and praxis of many Reformation churches, Lutherans, Anglicans, Presbyterians, later Methodists, many Baptists, and especially the United Church of Christ in the U.S. We should by all means avoid the extremes of those evangelicals in this country that have become personal monuments to their founders like Rick Warren.

    Then we must work openly and avidly to promote genuine ecumenism. The most terrible sin of the churches is their division. Division is not the way of Jesus, “The Model of the Holy.”

    • Fads Fanatics always demand compromise with those who promise safety, security, and the best that can be offered. Well, it is not the best, nor will any compromise be anything more than a Fad, that will pass in time and be replaced with some other fad the will exist for a short while and disappear.

      The morals of the Catholic church has not changed, nor does Vatican II change any Catholic moral. However sister Carol Keenan has lost her faith, and now she has lost her focus, by being obedient to the new god “Obama,” rather than what she took an oath of obedience to when she joined the Catholic Church. I understand that sister Keenan, is now and ecumenist and no longer Catholic.

      What has changed is those who support the new hemline of immorality, many who call themselves “Sisters” or “Woman of the catholic Faith,” but what is in a name, just someone who promotes the Fad of change which for religion is always a disaster in the making.

      The answer must always be “NO” to the reformers, who do nothing more than “Take” or “Steal” from what has always been the Catholic Faith and change it into immorality for the benefit of some “State” or “Empire” or “Emperor” or some other religion that does not have the same Faith.

      Changing the Catholic faith for a quick fix in Obama care, is like selling ones body for a hit of cocaine. The sister, is a modernist junkie, who will support any deal with the Federal Government so that the Church will compromise on the issue of Birth Control, Abortion, Infanticide, the morning after pill, etc. This so-called woman of faith is deceitfully a complete junkie for Statism.

    • Father Joseph LeBlanc, SJ

      We assuredly disagree on your position, but, more importantly I would like to say: The Church is no more dying than you are. Oh, yes, problems, but in core and soul, the Church is not dying,.

    • Jesus would also be considered ‘out of date’ and His Gospel ‘hate speech’.
      We need bishops with a spine to sever all relationships with people who call themselves Catholic but lead the way in dissent, disobedience, and scandal. That is to say SIN. Yep, there still is such a thing! And never has the Catholic Church been free to compromise with evil and with the ‘world'; that is why she is persecuted.

  2. Daniel Berry, NYC

    I’d trust Sister Carol’s reading of the rules long before I’d trust any of the Roman church’s hierarchs. For one thing, I’m very sure she has studied it, while the boys in purple are just playing to their masters in the Vatican. Her face reveals clearheaded, incisive competence. Why, oh why will they not allow women to be priests?

  3. Daniel Berry, NYC

    The Romans have painted themselves into a corner with their sexism, homophobia, and, frankly, maintaining a system that, instead of pursuing critical thinking, rewards ignorance. At one time it was a church composed largely of unlettered, uneducated, hardworking people who hadn’t the means to leaarn to reason for themselves. That time is long over, but their hierarchy continues to pretend they can treat their layfolk as if they were 17th Century farmers or 19th Century factory workers.

    • Time doesn’t change what Nature and Natures God has created for what has been necessary for human life, but those who promote their own self interest have always made changes, in that they have been self serving. Critical thinking demands a review of past events which obviously your education has shunted.

      Those self serving past events are what caused other Nations to decline and even disappear. As when Even ate of the delights of the fruit of the tree of “Good and Evil.” So you know present that tree, as did Eve as if evil is in fact a good. What is your age, how much time have you had in this life to know what transpired in nations that are no longer with us because they decided that the emperor, or the king had acquired a new idea, only to have caused the loss of life for both nation and people.
      You have no interest in life, you death culture fanatics deceitfully color yourself Good, by calling people ignorant, because they haven’t met up with your new American standard of what is so-called “Critical Thinking elite,” but in fact and in truth is no more than immoral hybrid of state mind control.

      You statist are a contemptible lot whose only focus has been the destruction of masses of people for the sake of some promised Utopian fatalism from which will promote immoral standards on a world that does not agree with your fascistic designs.

      You are death, deceitfully speaking as if you are a blessing put upon mankind, but in fact are no more than a parasite that puts out life, like a candle snuffer.

  4. The door to the Catholic Church swings both ways: Don’t agree,? Fine. Join a church that one agrees with. Keehan and her buddies are very good Democrats but lousy, pretend Catholics (like Pelosi and Biden). The bishops needs to make that very, very clear to folks in the pews.

  5. David Gibson

    David Gibson

    Article author

    irishsmile and Mr. Schenk: What makes you think Sister Keehan disagrees with the church on abortion or contraception? The CHA’s reading of the contraception mandate is specifically that is does NOT force them to pay for contraception or sterilization or abortifacients. They say they are trying to uphold Catholic teaching, not contradict it. The bishops simply have a different reading of cooperation with evil — an interpretation that is not widely shared, I might add.

    • You know who does agree with the bishops interpretation of cooperation with evil???….the obama administration…that’s who. the obama administration isn’t arguing that these hospitals aren’t cooperating with evil, they are arguing that unless you are a religious institution that only serves people of the same faith …YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS. YOU have no free exercise of religion. YOUR RELIGIOUS and MORAL convictions are whatever the STATE says they should be.

      the nun like the author is merely playing three card monte. abortion is always the one issue they are willing to through under the bus.

  6. It’s time for bishops to step up to the plate! The catholic Health Association (Yes, I know I used a lowercase ‘c’, I did so on purpose.) should be made to remove “Catholic” from their name.

    Canon 216: “…Nevertheless, no undertaking is to claim the name ‘Catholic’ without the consent of competent ecclesiastical authority.”

    Dear Mr. Gibson, The Catholic Church does not work by consensus. Sr. Keehan split with U.S. bishops and placed herself against the teaching authority of the bishops. She’s wrong! Again!

  7. David Gibson

    David Gibson

    Article author

    Dear SMC:

    I think you make two separate assertions:

    One, that Sister Keehan is wrong; in fact she may well be right, and is thought to be so by, I think it’s safe to say, a broad range of moral theologians.

    Two, that she has placed herself against the teaching authority of the bishops. The bishops — well, some of them but by no means all — were offering their judgment on a regulation. That is not a matter of Catholic teaching. Same with the health care reform, which they said paid for and promoted abortion. That was argued to be a wrong judgment then and that has been shown to be the case.

    So they were wrong on the specifics of a piece of legislation; pointing that out is not breaking with Catholic teaching or their authority.

  8. Dear Mr. Gibson,

    The opinions of theologians and Sr. Keehan et al are of little importance when it comes to the authority of the Catholic Church, that is a matter for the Pope and Magisterium.

    Sr. Keehan DID pit herself against the teaching authority of bishops. All one need do for proof is read the offical statement of the Catholic Bishops available at the USCCB website.

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