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BALTIMORE (RNS) So much of what Jesus says makes no sense to us. He continually urges his followers to overlook rules, customs, even laws in order to be brother and sister to one another.


  1. I’m delighted to hear you used the opportunity to bring people to the Gospel in such a way. As a black male, who although an Episcopal priest was recently stopped for “suspected gang activity,” I too hope we may come to a world where no one knows what it is like to be profiled. I believe the Church must have a role in this development. Will we rise up and preach the Gospel?

    In peace,

    • My dear brother…I’m so sorry you were subjected to that. We, as the Church, must cry out, “No more” and show the culture how to live Paul’s words of “no more Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female.” May it be so. Blessings on your ministry and your witness.