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(RNS) New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has said he does not believe being gay is a choice, nor is it a sin. But as he ponders a presidential run, he has to please Republicans.


  1. Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    So Gov. Christie rates a “Catholic” headline for his stand on gay “marriage.”
    Yet many other religions and denominations take strong stands on political or public moral issues.
    For example, many Congressmen and senators are Episcopalian. And that church has taken strong stands on behalf of abortion, gay “marriage”, etc.
    So why do we never see headlines that read: Senator X –Episcopalian– backs abortion-on-demand??? Senator Y -Methodist–endorses Planned Parenthood???

  2. I don’t think that Christie will be chosen as the candidate for the GOP but I think it would be smart of them to if they stand a chance. A republican senator once noted that the GOP may never take the White House again based on their loss and the rejection of their moral stances. Of course, fiscally conservative and equal rights for all people fall in the libertarian category.

  3. Keep in mind Christie panders to the Muslims, appointed some as judges, believes in global warming, carbon tax, and probably will cave on gay marriage. Other than that he’s a good man.