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(RNS) The letter comes just ahead of the first anniversary of the Aug. 5 attack by a white supremacist on a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis., that killed six worshippers.


  1. David Thompson

    Sounds dangerous to me, inviting all those different gods into the same room. I mean just look at the split personality of Jehovah, Yahweh, Elohim, El, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. You have no idea which alter personality is going to show up and all of them may be there and that’s unfair to the Jews and the Muslims, because they are only represented by 2/3 of that gods split personality.

    And if you have a Hindu, you have 330 million gods in one room. Seems pretty unfair to the Sikhs. But wait, where are the Scientology adherents and the minority Christians that have over 40,000 sects/denominations, including Mormons and we don’t see them represented.

    If they are going to have a god orgy, all the minority gods should be included and that is in the thousands and all of them are being treated badly. And finally, what about the non-believers? All believers say Atheism is a religion. Shouldn’t they get invited to bring their non-god or a proxy? Doesn’t sound too well thought out yet. Send it back to committee.

  2. Just what doesn’t this administration get into? They should be speaking out about the violence that is perpetrated in the Middle East in the name of religion. Of course, with the former Secretary of State, I guess the answer would be “what does it matter.”

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