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(RNS) Under the new law, gay men and women will be able to join together in civil ceremonies or in church services -- although no religious denomination will be forced to carry out such services. Neither the Roman Catholic Church nor the Church of England will perform such marriages.


  1. David Thompson

    It’s very humorous that the Catholic church should even be able to lift its head from shame to make pronouncement on anybody else’s morality.

  2. Why can’t the churches just give up already? They are losing members by the droves because they think they can determine moral stances when they have massive problems of their own.

    • Ryan, fastidious attention to numbers and enrollment is already a problem for churches who forget that they have an audience of just One, He who began that institution.
      Politicians or preachers, professors or pundits, wetting one’s finger and surveying public opinion is the surest way to ensure irrelevance in the days ahead. History on both continents is replete with examples: just check your headlines at the politicians who “voted for it before they voted against it.”
      God spoke with clarity when He assured us and issued the Law of Harvest per rebellion against his moral law: “Whatever a man sows, this also shall he reap.”

  3. Great thinker

    To be a good thinker and great thinker, is a gift from God Almighty. So the problem here is our leaders they lack the capacity of thinking. You can note allow the same marriage while you know that, the creator had a reason of why He created Men and Women.

    Let us be a thinker so that we can able to reason.

  4. Elizabeth (Australia)

    Greece, Rome, Britain – each saw a marked influence of homosexuality as their demise approached. God will not be mocked.
    Matthew 7: 26-27.

    My Pastor said, “If I were forced to perform same sex marriages, I would hand back my Celebrant’s Licence”.
    It can’t get much worse when the Queen approves same sex marriages. Watch for terrible times for they will surely come.

  5. Why do some people insist on blaming the Church and Christians for being against same sex marriage. One day soon they will realize the hard way that it is not us, but GOD. He made the law and HE will NOT be mocked !
    Watch for very troublesome times and many more disasters !

  6. Just shows that the Queen does not uphold the faith as was her oath on coronation. Christians are in the last days of persecution. There is a clear worldwide agenda to have this go through, there is a falling away from truth. We ought to lift up our heads for our redemption draws nigh.

  7. Marriage is not a sacrament for saints but a state of life for souls under cultivation for Heaven.
    The Churches should stop condemning and griping and do what Jesus did…share, comfort, bless, and point people to a life of service, self control, and unselfishness in Faith. That covers it.
    It isn’t the criminal element of homosexuals that want to marry. The predators and violent people are the threat to children.

    • Deanna, if your advice “covers it” then Christ’s death was unnecessary – cf. Galatians 2:21; Romans 3:20; 8:3-4.
      I am not dealing here with condemning attitudes of the Church toward homosexuals; that’s another topic for another day. What is important,however, is the fact that, while man may please man with his good works merely, God is pleased with the work of only One Person, He who uttered ion the cross, “It is finished!”, John 19:30 -an economic term applied to bills of debt having been fully paid.

  8. Though my heritage has Royal overtones both earthly and spiritually. I am disturbed by this news of gay marriges been givin royal assent, but then does’nt surprise me for the family nas gone away from their roots and have done a disserves to the church; of whom myself and others including the people of this fine establishment. “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God”
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