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Rolling Stone's Boston bomber cover story tells of a teen looking for something to latch onto. England offers gays marriage, but not in Anglican or Catholic churches. NYC, America's most saintly?


  1. Saintly city? Any city that would outlaw the homeless as Co. Springs did over a yer ago now doesn’t qualify in my book. Plus, we have our share of those who spout the usual birther and racist anti-Obama hate speech. Still, the liberal Christian base is growing here and that, along with the moutains and change of seasons on a dime make it a great city to live in!

  2. I understand what RollingStone was trying to do with their cover but portraying him as the boy next door in the photo was going a bit far. Still, if you read the RS article you do get an understanding of what they were trying to say, how the next terrosit just could be the boy next door!