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(RNS) In an escalating confrontation, dozens of Islamists marched to the Vatican's mission in Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur, after prayers, and presented a 670-word memorandum calling for the archbishop's recall.


  1. Daniel Berry, NYC

    sheer ignorance. The Qu’ran itself by no means downplays that Jews and Christians (which the Qu’ran refers to as People of the Book) honor the same god Muslims do. What the devil is wrong with these people? They’re as ignorant as the American politicians & preachers who refer to Islam as a cult or a false religion and such like, or refer to Allah as an “idol”

    • Daniel Berry, NYC

      know what? that kind of thing really isn’t needed here – but I learned a long time ago that so-called religious people are the meanest people on the planet.

  2. This incompatibility and intransigence shows ALL religions to be nothing more than Bronze Age MYTHS perpetuated incomprehensibly into the 21st century! “Nature” is one of the premiere peer-reviewed scientific journals on the planet and I know well of the rigors, scrutiny and accuracy given to each article before they are ever published. Having helped edit and index a smaller, specialized peer-reviewed scientific journal reinforced my reverence for the scientific method, science writing and the TRUTHS that science bears witness to.
    Religion is a dying institution. Bronze Age MYTHS are trumped by science EVERY time. I started reading about animal behavior, especially primatology back in the early 1960’s when Dame Jane Goodall had her first National Geographic article published on her Chimpanzee studies. I’ve known about Frans de Waal and George Schaller for over 30 years. Their observations and writings were key in my total rejection of religions and the brainwashing and science denial condoned by its clergy and followers
    I think some of the biggest inroads could be made by dispelling the myths and falsehoods about atheists and enlightening society with true statements about the origins of morals and ethics. I comment frequently on sites that discuss evolution v. Creationism and constantly remind people that morals and ethics existed millions of years before mankind arrived on the scene. Our animal forbears evolved ethical and moral behaviors as an enhancement toward their group survival rates and this has been proven from the likes of Dame Jane Goodall, George Schaller and Frans de Waal, among others. We inherited those traits from our simian ancestors. A book I frequently recommend is Dr. Carl Sagan’s ”Pale Blue Dot”, a truly poetic introduction to the realities of science, evolution AND atheism. Though he may seem confrontational in his speaking engagements, Richard Dawkins confronts religion with impeccable logic, reasoning and rationality in his book, ”The God Delusion.” Anyone who has the slightest doubts about their religious beliefs owes themselves a favor by reading that great book.
    I frankly find it astounding that religion holds such a grasp on people’s minds in this 21st century. I never swallowed the indoctrination virtually all of us receive from ’those religious folks’ and decry the brainwashing of Sunday schools, churches and even our own parents in most cases. If there was something more akin to ”Science Fridays” on PBS that could direct a child’s natural curiosity about dinosaurs, the stars and life around us into a fuller and deeper understanding of palaeontology, astronomy and biology, this world would be a much better place! Plausibility enters in this discussion also. Would you take seriously the Bronze Age myths from 2,000 years ago or the rational progression of scientific thought since the Age of Enlightenment? When you know about how the scientific method works and the exacting rigors of peer-reviewed scientific publication, I think the choice is obvious! I commonly end my comments with:

  3. one reminder to Malaysian,s The word Allah has been founded before Islam.You have no right to claim its yours and that Christians can’t use the word. we as Arab Christians have Allah word in our Arabic version bible.Let’s pray for harmony among all religions and to pray that fundamentalists do fail in their bid to persecute others.
    By Fouad Abi-esber
    The writer of the rise and fall of Lebanese Christian in Lebanon

  4. actually Allah is a moon god. So why are we even so frustrated when the muslims want to have that word solely use by them? the word ‘Tuhan’ means God not the word ‘Allah’ as claim. Why do we fight and treat the word ‘Allah’ as an idol of our lives?