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(RNS) Russell Moore is conservative but not angry. He's skeptical about politics, and believes that kindness is not a weakness. He's also critical of Bible Belt faith, which he says sees Christianity as a normal part of American life.


  1. Same theology, same political stances. Note his attempts to co-opt the legacy of the Civil Rights movement for those opposed to same-sex marriage. Just the kinder, gentler face of Christian conservatism, now with a bigger megaphone.

  2. I’ve come to the conclusion that cultural decline is great for fund raising so the SBC isn’t going to fight it to hard. Just compare the strategies of the NRA and Christians. The NRA almost never loses. Christians almost never win. The NRA would never stand for Government funding of anti-gun groups. A big hero to Christians is GW Bush who doubled funding for Planned Parenthood.

  3. I have been a Southern Baptist all of my life and find the movement by Mr. Moore to more liberal positions to be very disturbing. This country has moved against the teachings of God and Jesus for the past few years and Mr. Moore will cause thousands of Southern Baptists to leave the church. Immigration reform should be based on the laws of the United States of America. If an immigrant wants to become a citizen they need to do so legally, as thousands of immigrants have done in the past, otherwise, why do we follow any laws of this country. Mr. Moore’s ideas are simply those of the liberal progressive. Christ loves the sinner and hates the sin. Trying to rationalize that if we just get along with everyone and love them, they will become Christians, is a fallacy. Christians must stand strong against the sins of homosexuality, illegal actions, abortion etc. Standing strong against the sins will result in people calling Christians intolerant and hateful but that is a small price to pay to stand for Christ’s teachings. This country and its government was founded on Christians beliefs. Do not let the Southern Baptist fall to the corruption and tyranny of a bad government. Jennie

    • As someone who long-ago, decided to be a Christian over a “Southern Baptist”, it appears to me that you are reading the Bible. The Holy Spirit, who wrote the Bible is all we need. Our true leaders are shepherds who feed us from the Word, not denominational “evolution”.

  4. Russell Moore is a Christian Cultural Marxist:

    Anyone who doesn’t see this is blind.

  5. In answer to Mr. Moore being a Christian cultural Marxist, I refer you to Acts 4:32-37 where all the Christians were of one accord and sold ALL their property and shared everything they had. There were NO needy among them. That was following the leading of the Holy Spirit, but today would be called socialism. You call it Marxism and I call it obedience.

    • “Obiedience” isn’t having Caesar confiscate your property at the point of a spear and redistribute it after the governor takes a cut. The voluntary sharing of material possessions by first century Christians is vastly different than the socialist-marxist doctrine of Lenin. In the end, you fall into the same trap as all so-called leftist Christians: rendering unto Caesar what is Gods.

      With regard to this leftist move by the SBC, the latest speech by Mr. Moore urging Baptist judges in Alabama to go against the laws of nature and nature’s God and issue marriage licenses to Sodomites tells you all you need to know.

  1. […] (RNS) Russell Moore, the new chief ethicist for the Southern Baptist Convention, has Jesus in his heart, Wendell Berry on his bookshelf and Merle Haggard on his iPod. His first few weeks in office have been a kind of baptism by fire. The 41-year-old Moore took over as president of the Nashville, Tenn.-based Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission on June 1, just as prominent Southern Baptists were calling for a boycott of the Boy Scouts. Then came the Supreme Court’s recent decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act, which landed Moore in the spotlight as an opponent of same-sex marriage.  […]

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