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(RNS) For a growing number of people who don’t identify with a faith -- 51 million Americans are religiously unaffiliated -- Camp Quest fills a void.


  1. Amazing. A neutral, non-insulting item about Camp Quest, one that’s not a “hit piece”. I’ve never seen one before.

    Every other time religious sites “talk” about CQ, it’s an insult, an attempt to claim it teaches kids how to be immoral and “hate god”.

    • Theist kids are welcome too! I volunteer with CQ and we always have at least 5 religious campers (out of 50-75). It’s great for both the secular and theist kids, as they get to talk openly in a safe environment about both “sides.”

  2. Part of the hope for the future of our country (and world) is that the younger generations are less and less likely to be duped by religion/superstitions/mythology.

    I am encouraged by the hope of a future where public policies are based on human compassion and the reality of science, without the interjection of divisive religious dogmas.

    • Thanks GodVlogger. Maybe you can volunteer at a CQ location near you! There are over 15 around the country now!

    • No, that would be your hope for this country not for everyone else. There are many MANY people who are christian or muslim or anything else that contribute greatly to society and science around the world.

      Its ok though, I have been getting attacked by you internet atheists for a long time now.

  3. Rachael Cline

    I take issue with the label, “atheist kids”.

    Kids should not be labeled with worldview labels by adults, instead they should be encouraged to ask questions and explore different worldviews as they grow. This is also the philosophy of CQ.

    I know from first hand experience that Campers at CQ are encouraged to think for themselves and are not required to hold any particular view.

    • Which is why when people ask about camp I say it’s for kids that usually come from freethinking, humanist, or atheist homes. Most of them are still deciding what they believe and I love that CQ fosters discussion!

    • Right on Rachael! As a CQ volunteer, we do not label the campers or ask them to define themselves. Most of the campers are really mature and say “I’m not old enough to make up my mind yet!” :)

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