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(RNS) The Rev. Paolo Dall'Oglio, 58, lived for three decades in Syria, where he established an ecumenical community at Mar Musa on the site of an early Christian monastery, engaging in interfaith dialogue with Muslims and forging close ties with the local population.


  1. The father was looking for trouble and he has now found it. Perhaps he has converted to Islam and has joined the Islamic jihadists he was supporting in the past and is now fighting on their side against Syria’s Christians and other pro-Assad “infidels” and “pagans”…..

    • I agree, Now I cannot understand how a Catholic priest can support such criminals: I think he lost his way. Now he will probably realize how wrong he was.

  2. This affair stands in stark contrast with that of Mother Agnes Mariam, superior of the Qara monastery near Homs. Thanks to her speaking out against the ‘rebels’ following their massacres in Homs of ordinary civilians, she was forced to retreat to Lebanon. Now however she has become one of the prime voices for reconciliation and peace in Syria, and is working with all groups including some rebels. Her dedication to Christian principles crosses all religious boundaries, but she has been highly political in her rejection of the false narrative about Syria’s ‘democratic revolution’. Along with Irish Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Maguire Mother Agnes has called for an end to this foreign backed mercenary war against Syria, and for Syrians to be allowed to define their own future. There is now so much support for the Syrian government, and revulsion against the devastation and atrocities caused by the jihadists and mercenaries, that one may wonder if Father Paulo has finally seen what it is that he has been supporting, and fallen foul of their barbaric ‘moral code’ – support or execution.