Church Hopping for Dummies via Webster Church. (

Church Hopping for Dummies photo courtesy Webster Church

Every blogger and their mom has weighed in on what millennial evangelicals want and why some are leaving the church. I present to you Rachel Held Evans, Brett McCracken, Trevin WaxJonathan Fitzgerald, Anthony Bradley and feel free to add whoever else in the comments.

The Ohio State University has been flooded with angry comments since it was revealed that the former president made jokes, including ”you just can’t trust those damn Catholics.”

20th Century Fox has acquired rights to former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner’s life story and plans a film adaption. Warner is an outspoken Christian, but not a Tim Tebow.

As Minnesota and Rhode Island legalize gay marriage, some got married at midnight.

Not everyone is pleased with Pope Francis’s rogue comments earlier this week.

The Associated Press profiles an Israeli Jew as “a devout gay drag queen.”

Sikh members prepare to mark the one-year anniversary of the Wisconsin shootings on Monday. Elsewhere, someone spray-painted “terrorist” twice on the wall that surrounds a Sikh house of worship in California.

A prominent Italian Jesuit priest disappeared, fueling speculation that he had been kidnapped by an Islamist group in Syria.

Iran’s supreme leader has issued an edict telling people to avoid dealing with Baha’is, which is banned in the country.

Slovenia’s top Catholic leaders have resigned due to financial problems involving a diocese.

A pair of Catholics (Sister Simone Campbell and Rep. Paul Ryan) faced off yesterday at a House hearing on budget cuts.

In Israel, ultra-Orthodox Jews attacked a bus after a woman refused to move to the back of the bus at the demand of an ultra-Orthodox man.

“Christians are unable to distinguish the church from America,” says Duke theologian Stanley Hauerwas in a new interview with Jonathan Merritt.

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Don’t forget about the RNS challenge for Pope art.

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Sarah Pulliam Bailey

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  1. Do you mean, Rachel Held Evans wrote a thought-provoking piece that went viral and a lot of other young evangelicals countered with equally thoughtful pieces?

    Is that what you meant to say?

    It’s hard to hear your condescending tone from way down here.

  2. Had quite a bit of fun reading and replying to the twitter posts provided today. SPB always does a good job of finding them and posting them here. SPB definately is not condescending & I can hear her all the way down here so what’s the problem?

  3. As far as bloggers blogging about why millennials are leaving the church, you forgot about Hemant Mehta’s article on CNN’s religion page:

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