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(RNS) Cultural icons surge and retreat like tsunamis. But even in this viral era, lightning international popularity with a moral message is something unusual. Since the dawn of broadcast media, who else has managed this trick as well as Francis when starting with so little in the way of fame?


  1. José Vieira Arruda

    Excellent article. Just hope Francis’ honeymoon last a long time… And hope too he will have the courage to make bold decisions… We in the Catholic Church are in desperate need of a prophet…

    • Benedict XVI was all the prophet you need.

      This is a fallen world and a mock celebration. Leftists are hoping to sow division in the Church so they’re trying to create a narrative of a war in the Church between traditionalists and Pope Francis.
      Hopefully Pope Francis will realize that evangelizing doesn’t mean being seduced by people who are only trying to use you to attack people they view to be their enemies because they’re the most vocal opponents of societal decadence and evils like abortion and euthanasia.

  2. I shall repeat the words of the Father” God” when Jesus his son was baptized in the Jorden. “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”. I shall apply this same quote to our holy pope Francis. This is our beloved son Francis, in whom we are well pleased “.Listen to him. ” Francis the Great”.

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