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(RNS) While planning for a sixth child, a high-profile British couple told the Daily Mail (Aug. 2) they plan to sue the Church of England to get married there. The new law, signed by the queen, stipulates that no religious denomination will be forced to carry out such services.


  1. A wake up call for those in this country who think that churches will not be discriminated against for staying true to Gods word and Gods created order.

    • Why, is this RLC Frank? Figured it must be because you’re singing his tune.

      Having said that, I think this is a bad move though I’m fully in support of civil marriage. At this point I think it’s disagreement among family members. You can’t legislate everything.

  2. This is not a story. It is a rumor of a future possibility, so it is fear mongering, akin to lies – and demonstrates a very un-Christian ethic.

    • It’s no rumor its a reality. They may not have filed the case yet but its just a matter of time that a case will be filed both in the UK and the US.

      All churches better take note and prepare.

  3. Though a fascinating story it has little relevance to American churches since we have separation of church and state. With that said gay Christians are as much a part of God’s plan as heterosexuals and should be included equally in the body of Christ. We should stop trying to impose our will on God and accept all of His creatures equally.

    • Everyone is equal. We all sin and are called to stop.

      And the US churches will have to deal with legal challenges so all churches best prepare for that.

    • The Christian church teaches that, though all are sinners, certain open and rebellious sins are not to be tolerated in the actual membership of the church. All are welcome to attend and learn and receive and give love in the body. But membership is only for those willing to publicly accept the teachings of Christ in their walk. I Corinthians 5 gives the example for the Christian church in dealing with open sins of this nature: Paul removes from their midst persons openly and unrepentantly violating the Ten Commandments. To legally force the church to do otherwise is a denial of that church’s religious liberty.

  4. Why don’t the homosexuals don’t knock on the Mosque door to get married?……Oh right, never mind.

  5. Why no girls? Why all little innocent boys? I’m sorry, the photo of them with the children is creepy,unnatural, and worrisome.

  6. I dont get it. If the law says “no religious denomination will be forced to carry out such services” then how does that give them the power to sue?