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(RNS) The one in four evangelicals who are largely ambivalent on the question of homosexuality won't necessarily be leading the charge for gay rights, but they're well known in their churches and what they say (or don't say) can have an impact.


  1. “He said it’s not hard to understand why young evangelicals become ambivalent toward homosexuality, because of how conservatives are portrayed on sitcoms and in the news.”

    Ah yes, the “messy middle” are just cowards unwilling to join the conservative cause. Here, let me help you tilt that spot light just a bit more, you poor persecuted evangelical, you.

  2. Not surprise, Paul warned Timothy about those who would depart from Truth. This is not about left or right. It’s about Right and Wrong. We are in for a rude awaking if we think God is not going to Judge this nation for what God defines as Sin.

  3. It does matter how conservatives are portrayed on sitcoms, news or anywhere else by sinners. We will give an account to God regarding our backsliding and comprising lives as Christians. There is no middle! It not about what the world thinks or say. It’s about what God says, because He is going to have the word and laugh.