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(RNS) Black voters seem reluctant to cast the first stone in New York City's tawdry election campaign. A Greek Orthodox archbishop defends his priests from paycuts and Mike Huckabee has choice words for Muslims at the end of Ramadan.


  1. Miracle priests & kangaroo’s? Makes for an interesting RNS doesn’t it? Even for a Sunday when I’m finally getting around to reading Friday’s RNS. One thing I would request though and that is that no one put me in the same Christian “camp’ as Mike Huckabee. Hate was not a thing that Jesus taught. In fact, he spoke against it-often! If Mr. Huckabee claims to “know’ Jesus and can’t grasp that concept it makes one wonder if he is a follower of Jesus or just giving lip service to him. So sad that so many Christians follow these hate mongers. Makes me not want the tag Christian for fear of being confused with them.