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(RNS) Pakistan's new animated television series, "Burka Avenger," features a female Muslim teacher disguised in a tight black outfit with a cape and ninja-style head cover who throws heavy books and sharp pens at men who oppose education for girls.


  1. Hey, America had “The Flying Nun” in the 1960’s, so I guess Muslim’s are entitled to “The Burka Avenger,” which looks be somewhat more educational.

    If anything, “The Burka Avenger” is closer to “The Lone Ranger,” if anything. It’s actually very pro-Western if you consider that the hero is a female school teacher fighting extremists.

    • You think it is it is “pro-western” because the hero is female. Where did you get this idea? In Pakistan, they have women heroes who are doctors, engineers, teaches, lawyers, fighter pilots, scientists, social helpers and much more…of course Pakistan had a women prime minister too.