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(RNS) Widely admired ethicist Jean Bethke Elshtain regularly wrote and lectured on ethics, politics and religion but was routinely criticized by other theologians for her position on Iraq.


  1. […] 7.┬áRIP Jean Bethke Elshtain. I had the privilege of driving Dr. Elshtain to and from the airport a couple of times. She was gracious, charming and indisputably brilliant. Before reading Elshtain, I had harbored a sneaking suspicion that just-war theory was often just an after-the-fact rationalization employed by those seeking a semi-plausible moral fig leaf to justify their pre-existing decision to employ lethal violence for reasons of self interest. Reading Elshtain back in the 1990s helped convince me that this need not be the case. I’m still influenced by a profound panel discussion I heard in which Elshtain and Miroslav Volf contemplated the competing and corresponding demands of forgiveness and justice […]