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(RNS) The Rev. Patrick Dowling wrote that he was returning from Mass when he came upon the accident scene. "I absolved and anointed Katie and, at her request, prayed that her leg would not be hurt," the priest wrote.


  1. Take heart Godwyn, babegriff, J A Urdegua, Rosemary, maurine, Steve K, Sister Geraldine M. Wagner, & Jeff Culbreath, and any of you who were lead by faith to believe this was some kind of supernatural being like an angel. Unless you change the way you think, you’ll get to exercise your irrationality many more times in your lives. There will be grilled cheese sandwiches you will be able to see the mother Mary on, and potato chips with the likeness (your white bearded man ideal) of ole’ J.C. himself on which you can swear another miracle has occurred. It will all come in due time if you keep thinking that way.
    You can really read that despicable book they used to brainwash you without the blinders of faith and come to the realization that it is a poorly written collection of stories from many different authors, that depicts a God, as a being with human traits that kills without mercy, and has the morals of a psychopath. The next step could be the realization that their is no evidence God exists. Then you can stop forcing your religious ideals down everyone throats, and I can stop trying to open your eyes to it.
    Learn to live, and love, without the reward religion falsely promises, or the punishment it falsely threatens. Life is great without the fairy tale.
    Good day!