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(RNS) The series will feature scenes from church services where worshipers handle snakes, as well as the day-to-day struggle to live out their faith.


  1. I was looking up more information on these snake handlers and there are a lot if instances, it seems, where they got in tangles with both local and/or federal law agencies: , for only one.

  2. Very sad. I was raised up in a religion where people have done this but not like this. They r tempting God on this show. My grandad desired that God would allow him to pick up a snake. He prayed about it, a lot! The one time that God allowed it, the snake fell limp, like it was dead. It wasn’t! When God is in it, u will NOT get bitten! In the cases that I have heard of people handling a snake, the snake falls limp.

  3. Drinking poison is also tempting God. What that part in the bible is talking about is lets say u drink poison by accident, or someone tries to poison u. If u are a true child of God, it will not harm u. Yes, I have heard of this in my religion as well. Example, a couple from our church had their well tested when they were gonna put their house up for sale. I was extremely off the charts for ecoli, I believe thats what it was. They never got sick.

  4. Loving this snake handling preacher on Snake Salvation who lives in LaFollette, TN (where my children were born by the way). The narrator of the show says, while this preacher boy is buying a banjo at the local pawn shop, “Unemployed and on welfare, Andrew has scraped together the last of his money for the purchase.” A few seconds later it shows this unemployed and on welfare snake handling preacher driving in the car as the narrator explains that preacher man has surprised his family by taking a trip to Dollywood for a Ricky Scaggs concert.

    Oh, and to add to the story, preacher man used to play bluegrass on his banjo at Dollywood when he was a boy. So, you may say, “Perhaps he is purchasing the banjo so he can play and earn a living.” Nope, playing anything but gospel music is against their beliefs. Now, to each his/her own for religion/spirituality but truly, what witness is this to the non-religious/non-spiritual?

  5. Get off welfare you lazy people. Pick up a broom or a shovel with the same fervor that you pick up snakes. In the Coot’s church it seems that so many things will send you to hell; therefore, disobedience to the scripture requiring a man to labor should qualify as well. That attitude disgust me.