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WASHINGTON (RNS) The White House punts on a petition to allow a German home-schooling family to stay in the U.S., saying the administration can't comment on "a matter before the courts."


  1. Jesus would never consider any person to be “illegal” but just as a person who is a part of the human family on earth. It is a sad state of affairs when human governments do not hold the same consideration.

    • You are hopelessly wrong. Illegal means you came into a country illegally. There is NO problem with immigration. Just do it legally.

      There are thousands of people who have been waiting to enter legally, by following the rules. Why should anyone think they have the right to jump the cue and become dependent on a state that have contributed nothing to?

      You may not enter the kingdom of God illegally either, so I think your point is entirely misplaced. Liberalism certainly clouds common sense. Scripturally AND politically.

  2. Just think – a wonderful couple who fully exhibit the values that made this country what it is being turfed out while Illegal Alien parasites with criminal pasts are released and welcomed as future citizens.

    Once the kangaroo court system had ruled to expel them, they should consider Canada. BC in particular is very sympathetic to the home school parents.

    Our church among others has a expanding worldwide presence in home schooling with incredible on-line curriculum, international social events etc.