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(RNS) No, wee Prince George is not Jewish (altho a few Jews and the Iranians would like him to be). Egyptian Christians are suffering for their support of the military crackdown. And Rowan Williams finally says what's needed saying.


  1. But Christians have a NEED to feel persecuted. How could Bishop Williams be insensitive to that?

  2. I enjoy the former Archbishop of Canterbury’s comment about growing up. While I have my concerns about the Affordable Health Care Act and the “contraception mandate,” and fully support the legal challenges, his comment is equally applicable here. It is nothing compared to what is happening to the Copts in Egypt, and other Christians facing real and overt persecution throughout the world. I am still amazed at how little attention this gets in the mainstream press coverage and by our government. I sometimes wonder whether it is because they just don’t look like us.

  3. The church’s response to the new Jim Crow has been woefully silent as far as I’m concerned. It is, of course, way too vocal on things like banning laws like Shira that don’t exist here. The Arch Bishop’s comments are a breath of fresh air. Too bad Christians over here won’t listen one bit. Also because they don’t look like us? Yeah, I think you hit the nail on the head with that comment. I have 0 concern about the AFA and the contraceptive mandate. If you personally don’t agree with contraception then don’t use that benefit. But, don’t stop peoples right to it that do want it. Pre-existing conditions denials are a thing of the past, kids up to 24 can stay on their parents coverage, and with the implementation of the AFA insurance companies can no longer cap coverage at a set amount for lifetime coverage. When people begin to see all that the AFA does, there will no longer be much opposition to it. Likewise. wjen they realize just how much the GOP fear mongers have been lying to them it will be game over for the GOP!

    • If you only look at them on the shelf they seem different. When you compare editions side by side there are no radical changes only nuanced differences (with the exception of the adulterer’s Bible, so named because the “not” is left out of the commandment to not commit adultery).

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