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(RNS) Steve Jobs was a “none” before anybody knew what that meant.


  1. How did Jesus get along with RELIGIOUS people? Not as well as you might expect:

    • Pentheus, you are ignorant. Jesus was Jewish, He followed the Jewish law, He actually told his disciples to do whatever the Jewish leaders told them because they sat on the seat of Moses. He told them not to do what they do however because although they were the authority, they were hypocrites. FACT: GOD CREATED RELIGION. Jesus was RELIGIOUS. He in fact took the RELIGION that GOD created. and brought it to its FULFILLMENT. Religion is good, as long as you are not following a FALSE one.

  2. Steve Jobs also studied calligraphy with an ex-Trappist monk, and experience which he credited with “with formulating his taste for beautiful typography, which he later applied to Apple computers.”

    Article regarding this here:

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