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"Our faith is the main part of our lives, but it’s better to be subtle. It’s more effective. When Jesus talked in parables, he wanted people to seek and find. I think it’s better that it’s funny," Alan Robertson said.


  1. Was just wondering why you use the term “pastor” in speaking of yourself in the pulpit,so often used incorrectly in the denominational world of religion.Were you an elder in the whitesferry c of c? jerry

  2. So happy for your success, and wish you continued prosperity; but please don’t abandon scriptural accuracy in your attempt to be generic.

    • I don’t think Alan is not meaning to abandon spiritual accuracy or any of the family here– or in the show. I think God is honoring what they are doing by praying in Jesus’ name on national TV (praise God!), and speaking out for Him. Spiritual unity here is the key, by breaking down denominations. I don’t see anything generic by what they are doing.

      • I just met Alan Robertson today at JBLM military base. He is a genuine person and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He was with Si also and they were both great people. I serve in this great nation because of God fearing men and women who are genuinely committed to Christ and the Gospel. God Bless them all!!

    • It’s my understanding that CoC churches do not publish nor believe in a specifically defined statement of faith outside of the Scripture, so within the CoC understanding of Christianity, wouldn’t it be perfectly appropriate for members of that demonination to portray themselves as “generic christians” on a tv show?

  3. Love this show, and look forward to seeing it every week.Thank you for sharing the gospel with Hollywood. We have so many corrupt television shows.
    Thank you for taking a stand for JESUS and Christianity! Never back down!
    Congratulations on your success, and Keep spreading the gospel,
    May God bless!

  4. In my 58 years of living on this earth I have met a lot of folks. Some couldn’t walk the walk let alone talk the talk. Let me say this when Phil says “in the name of Jesus ….” The sound of his voice lets me know they all walk the walk and talk the talk.

  5. My family watches the show when we can. If possible can you tell me what church do you belong to or at least what you believe. Some of my family is saying you are not Christians. Mary Pearson

    • Mary, they stated what church he goes to in the article. He and his family are part of the Church of Christ.

  6. For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, for some have strayed from their faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. I Tim 6.10 NKJV

    I pray that you please not let this happen to your wonderful family and especially to the young children.

  7. Connie Dodson

    I went and spent 5 weeks with my sick mother, I read from the Duck Commander devotional every morning, I would read a months devotional everyday and started over. We didn’t know until after I had been there for 4 weeks that y’all were members of the Church of Christ, as we are also. My mother died on Mother’s Day, it was so fitting. That she could go to our Lord on the day set aside for Mother’s. It was wonderful sharing these verse’s with her, and she had comments on most of them. Explaining them further with her understanding and wisdom. It was the most wonderful time and heart wrenching time of my life. I was very blessed to have spent this time with her-God has blessed me, and thank you for the devotional–it was wonderful.