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Catholics and Protestants push for immigration reform. The American Bible Society is pursuing a .Bible domain. Latest Nixon tapes chock full of ugly anti-Semitic remarks.


  1. Rad to say the least. When the Jesuits decide a gay lifestyle is normal … what’s next? One site I was on said soon it’ll be “Don’t ask, don’t tell” if you’re a Christian in the military. This is definitely not your father’s church and state!

  2. “But you probably won’t see the ads unless you tune into Christian radio stations.” How does one see radio ads?

  3. Picky, Picky, Picky. As a blind person I “see” ads all the time. Although, to hear it on a Christian radio station here ain’t gonna happen all our stations are of the RW Nio-con type & I specifically won’t listen to them for that reason.