A Thief in the Night film (via http://bit.ly/1c9miV0)

A Thief in the Night film (via http://bit.ly/1c9miV0)

Wednesday will mark the 50th anniversary of the “March on Washington.” Scholars say it would be a mistake to celebrate King’s “I Have a Dream” speech without acknowledging its profound criticism of American values. And 10 voices recall their memories from the march.

The definition of Islamist is changing in Egypt as crackdown on on former President Mohamed Morsi’s associations and supporters widens. The Egyptian military has been using religious propaganda to press soldiers to use force.

Pope Francis says he has been disturbed by “terrible images” coming out of Syria. The United Nations and the U.S. are weighing responses to the hundreds who died in suspected chemical attacks last week near Damascus.

Russell Doughten, a filmmaker who made post-rapture evangelical movies like “A Thief in the Night,” has died. And famed actress Julie Harris, who played Corrie’s sister Betsie in “The Hiding Place” (a true story about a Christian family’s imprisonment in a Nazi concentration camp), has died.

Religious exemptions on gay marriage are dividing church advocacy groups. And as churches are concerned about the potential for lawsuits, some are changing their bylaws to explicitly reflect their views on marriage.

As ebooks are on the rise, Christian bookstores are staying afloat with the support of churches.

An ancient African religion from the Yoruba people of Nigeria, has been spreading across the U.S. for the last 50 years.

Will the Catholic Right target Archbishop Chaput as ‘gay-friendly’? David Gibson investigates.

An Episcopal priest in Boston has embraced Catholicism as Vatican establishes special “ordinariates” especially for Anglican priests, a movement of about 2,000 people so far.

A doctor who headed the “Committee for the Eradication of Blind Faith” was killed in India.

Buddhist monks from Drepung Gomang Monastery in India constructed an intricate Medicine Buddha sand mandala at Unity Temple in Kansas City.

Religion plays a significant role in the success of many mixed martial artists, says Bleacher Report.

Atheists can move forward with a lawsuit over the IRS’ enforcement of its ban on pulpit politicking, putting the group in a similar camp with conservative groups challenging the IRS.

Buddhists torch dozens of Muslim homes and shops as new sectarian violence has hit Myanmar.

Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood is seen as gaining influence amid the country’s disarray.

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus apparently horrified the crowd at the VMA’s last night with her twerking performance, likely to spur further reactions on the decline of culture.

Cyrus was baptized in a Southern Baptist church in 2005 but she stopped attending, according to a 2010 Parade interview. But instead of watching the performance, use those precious seconds to like us on Facebookfollow us on Twitter and subscribe below to get the daily Roundup in your inbox.

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Sarah Pulliam Bailey

Sarah Pulliam Bailey

Sarah Pulliam Bailey joined RNS as a national correspondent in 2013. She has previously served as managing editor of Odyssey Networks and online editor for Christianity Today.


  1. As a blind person I can speak on “Blind Faith’. Blind Faith is not faith without reason in my world. The white can in front of me shows the way. With the use of that white cane I navigate the world albeit a little slower than those with sight but still making a path for myself and in doing so a path for others to follow as well.

    • Sarah Pulliam Bailey

      Sarah Pulliam Bailey

      Article author

      Thanks for weighing in, Kevan. It seemed that the doctor who was fighting “blind faith” was up against gurus, babas, astrologers, godmen and other mystical entrepreneurs.

  2. You do a nice job of selecting stories, but when I go to the linked sources, many times they have only a sentence telling what the story is about. Then, the source may insist that viewing the story requires a susbscription and payment. Please don’t use these links. If the link is not directly to a story, then maybe your description in RNS is all we get. I rebel against having my arm twisted to subscribe.

    • Sarah Pulliam Bailey

      Sarah Pulliam Bailey

      Article author

      Larry, I think the link you’re talking about is about ebooks and Christian bookstores. I couldn’t find a link that didn’t require subscription, but I thought it was still worth including to give people a trail if they want to pursue it. Thanks for reading.

  3. Gerry Zaragemca, has an article in relation to the, Yorubas Religion, ‘Zaragemca sobre la historia de Ifa en Cuba’. It is on, Univision.com, ( foro, Santeria). Gerry Zaragemca, is a World’s Expert in Afro Cuban Percussion and Caribbean Music

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